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19723c 3The proton-nutron mass difference problem and related topics
19723c 4Recent developments in the comparison between theory and experiments in quantum electrodynamics
19724c 1Many-particle production
19724c 3Photoproduction and electroproduction
19724c 4Semiclassical thoery of heavy ion reacitons
19724c 5Leptonic decays of hadrons
19724c 6Fission and fusion dynamics
19725c 1Models for hadronic and leptonic processes at high energy
19725c 2From soft to real pions in nuclear physics
19725c 3High energy theorems for strong interactions and their comparison with experimental data
19725c 4The atmospheres of the earth and the terrestrial planets:their origin and evolution
19725c 5Multiple production of hadrons at cosmic ray energies(experimental results and theoretical concepts)
19736c 2Parity-violating nuclear interactions and models of the weak hamiltonial
19736c 4Twister thoery:an approach to the quantisation of fields and space-time
19736c 5Parity nonconservation in nuclei
19737c 2On the shell model and its application to the deformation energy of heavy nuclei
19737c 3Frequency shifts in emission and absorption by resonant systems of two-level atoms
19737c 4Nuclear rotation at high angular velocities
19737c 5High resolution spectroscopy with lasers
19737c 6Spectroscopic study of multinucleon transfer reactions induced by heavy ions
19738c 2The Parton picture of elementary particles
19738c 3Quarks for pedestrians
19738c 4Dual resonance theory
19739c 1Gauge thoery
19749c 4An introduction to dual models of strong interactions and their physical motivations
197412c 1Dual models and relativistic quantum strings
197414c 4Asymptotic freedom:An approach to strong interactions
197516c 2Path integral methods in statistical mechanics
197516c 5Departures from chiral symmetry
197519c 6Quantum fields theory in curved spacetime
197521c 5Some non-perturbative semi-classical methods in quantum field theory(A pedagogical review)
197623c 3Extended systems in field theory
197835 1Dynamics of classical solitons(In non-integrable systems)
197836c 2The method of boson expansions in quantum theory
197836c 3Quantum chromodynamics
197838c 3Lattice gauge fields
197839c 2Penrose graphs
197844c 5Recent developments in conformal invariant quantum field theory
197842c 1Quantum theory of solitons
197949c 2Non-perturbative aspects in quantum field theory
197950 5Path integration in non-relativistic quantum mechanics
197951 2Relativistic many-body theory,quantum chromodynamics and neutron stars/supernova
198060 1Path integrals in quantum theory:an outlook of basic concepts
198061 2Quantum chromodynamics and the theory of superdense matter
198063 4Renormalization techniques for quantum spin systems. Ground-state energies
198067 1Common trends in particle and condensed matter physics
198170 2Perturbation series at large orders in quantum mechanics and field theories:application to the problem of resummation
198171 5Classical integrable finite-dimensional systems related to Lie algebras
198175 3Geometric methods in classical field theory
198175 4Theories of quark confinement
198175 3Technicolour
198176 2Survey of cosmological models with gravitational,scalar and electromagnetic waves
198180 4On classical Yang-Mills fields
198286 6Exact results in the theory of non-Abelian magnetic monopoles
198287 3Quark masses
198289 3Superstring theory
198394 6Quantum integrable systems related to Lie algebras
1983100 3Quantum cosmology via path integrals
1983100 5A cp^5 calculus for space-time fields
1983101 1&2Canonical theories of lagrangian dynamical systems in physics
1983102 1&2Strong coupling and mean field methods in lattice gauge theories
1983102 4Loop equations and 1/N expansion
1984103 1-4Common trends in particle and condensed matter physics
1984104 2-4Higher energy physics. What are the possibilities for extending our understanding of elementary particles and their interactions to much greater energies?
1984105 1&2Supersymmetry confronting experiment
1984109 2SL(2,C)Gauge theory of gravitation:Conservation laws
1984110 1&2Supersymmetry, supergravity and particle physics
1984116 3Two-dimensional sigma models:Modelling non-perturbative effects in quantum chromodynamics
1985117 2-4The search for supergravity:Probing physics beyond the standard model
1985119 1The generarized Shwinger-Dewitt technique in gauge theories and quantum gravity
1985119 4&5Conformal supergravity
1985120 5&6Determinations of the QCD strong coupling alpha_s and the scale Lambda_{QCD}
1985121 5Cosmic strings and domain walls
1985126 1Hamiltonian form of the path integral for theories with a gauge freedom
1986130 1&2Kaluza-Kein supergravity
1986132 1Symmetry aspects of finite temperature confinement transitions
1986134 2&3The Casimir effect
1986135 3Fermion number fractionaization in quantum field theory
1986137 2&3Feynman path integrals:some exact results and applications
1986140 6In search of the supermassive magnetic monopole
1986142 1&2The skyrme model
1987145 1&2The road to no-scale supergravity
1987146 3Chiral models: Geometrical aspects
1987149 6Lectures on strings and moduli space
1987152 5&6Stochastic quantization
1989175 1&2String field theory
1989177 1&2Lattices and strings
1989184 2-4Common trends in statistical physics and field theory
1990189 1Bifurcation and symmetry breaking
1990191 4The spacetim supersymmetric formulation of the string
1991205 2Dynamical symmetry breaking in four-fermion interaction models
1991209 3Dual QCD:A review
1991209 4&5Topological field theory
1992211 4The solar neutrino problem and the neutrino magnetic moment
1992212 2On CP violation in nuclear reactions
1992213 4Anyon quantum mechanics and Chern-Simons theory
1992214 3The riddle of high-energy baryon number violoation
1992221 5&6Nontopological solitons
1992222 1On Hamiltonian reductions of the Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten theories
1992222 6Non-GUT baryogenesis
1993223 4W symmetry in conformal field theory
1993223 6Bosonization and QCD in two dimensions
1993231 5Quark potential approach to baryons and mesons
1994241 6Functional-integral formulation of the slave-boson approach:Beyond the mean-field treatment with the correct continuum limit
1994244 2&3Target space duality in string theory
1994245 5&6Heavy-quark symmetry
1995254 1&22D gravity and random matrices
1995258 3Particle astrophysics with high energy neurtinos
1995259 1&2Antibracket,antifields and gauge-theory quantization
1995259 4&5String solitons
1995260 6A primer for black hole quantum physics
1995262 3&4Quantum group and quantum symmetry
1995263 3The Feynman problem and the inverse problem for poisson dynamics
1996265 1&2Irrational conformal field theory
1996265 3Baryons as chiral solitons in the Namub-Jona-Lasinio model
1996265 4&5Updating QCD_2
1996265 6Chiral Lagrangians and Nambu-Jona-Lasinio like models
1996267 5&6Supersymmetric dark matter
1996268 5&6Pure and random potts-like models:Real-space renormalization-group approach
1996273 1Domain wall fermions and chiral gauge theories
1996275 1Beauty physics in lattice gauge theory
1997286 1Higgs boson physics in the s-channel at mu+mu- colliders
1997286 3Small-x physics in perturbative QCD
1997291 1&2Physics of thermal QCD
1998294 6The standard model as a noncommutative geometry: The low-energy regime
1998298 5&6Some geometrical and topological problems in polymer physics
1998300 1&2New developments in D-dimensional conformal quantum field theory
1998301 4-6Quantum chromodynamics and other field theories on the light cone
1998302 4The large-N expansion of unitary-matrix models
1998305 6On the physics of massive neutrinos